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 Answer lyric

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PostSubject: Answer lyric   Answer lyric EmptyTue Dec 06, 2011 5:31 am

Mune ni chiisana kodou wo ga kikoeta
Totemo shizuka de kodouko na sekai
Daremo jibun no hajimaru mo shirazu
Maru de obieru youni naite umaretekita
Hohoemu dareka ni egao wo oboeta

Donna kotoba yori tsuyoku
Kono te ga fureta subarashii kiseki
Negai wa kanaerareru tameni
Koko ni aru

Michi no tochuu de kimi to deaeta hi
Sora wa kokoro no naka ni aru mono da to shitta

Namida ga afurete ai wo oboeta
Aruku tabi ni ki ga tsukuyo
Bokura wa hitori ja ikite yukenai
Donna mirai demo kamawanai zutto

Kimi no yasashisa ni furete
kimi no me ni utsutta mama no boku wa
kimi no namida wo mamoritakute
Koki ni iru

Toki no nagare wa nani yori mo hayaku
Boku wa jibun no ashimoto wo miru
Ikiru riyuu mo imi wo dakishimete
Yukou tabidachi no toki namida no egao

Ame no naka yoru no naka mayoi nagara aruitekita
Touku made touku made michi wa tsuzuite mieruyo

Kimi mo dokoka de miteirunokai?

please help me with the English translation^^

I'm the admin^^ Nice to meet you! Have fun in here~
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FB Fanpage Master

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Answer lyric Empty
PostSubject: Re: Answer lyric   Answer lyric EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 5:54 pm

Answer (English translation)

I can hear tiny beats in my heart
the isolated world where it’s very quiet
no one knows about my beginning
I was born crying as though I would be afraid of everything
I remembered to smile at someone who’s smiling

stronger than any word
this hand was touched by a beautiful miracle
for the wishes to come true
it’s here now

the day I met you in the middle of this path,
I knew that the universe was inside your heart

while tears overflowed, I remembered our love
I notice it every time we walk
we cannot continue living alone
what kind of future doesn't matter, always

touched by your kindness
the me reflected within your eyes like this
wants to protect your tears
I’m here

The flow of time is faster than anything
I’m looking at my feet
and embracing the reasons and meaning for living
With tears of joy, let’s go, it’s time for this journey

In the rain, in the night, even if we’re lost, we’ll keep walking
until we’re far, far away, this path will continue to be seen

are you able to see it somewhere too?

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PostSubject: Re: Answer lyric   Answer lyric EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 4:58 pm

I really love this song. I can listen it in loop during all th day! ♥♥
I particulary love this sentence:
"In the rain, in the night, even if we’re lost, we’ll keep walking
Until we’re far, far away, this path will continue to be seen"


Thanks for sharing ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Answer lyric   Answer lyric Empty

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Answer lyric
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