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 [ME] 9 August '11 {EN}

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[ME] 9 August '11 {EN} Empty
PostSubject: [ME] 9 August '11 {EN}   [ME] 9 August '11 {EN} EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 5:23 am

Good morning.
It's Nakamaru.
Did you listen to KAT-TUN's new song?
Thanks god, we could gain the 1st place in ranking.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I'm happy.
This time's product has lots of very cool songs.
"Run for you" filming came out very cool too.
By all means the PV clip is included in the First Press Limited Edition, so please look at it.
As couplings, there are "Cosmic child" and "diamond".
Then there are also "& forever" and "sweet chain".
My personal favourite song is "sweet chain".
I like the feeling that carries an inexpressible sorrow.
I also like "Cosmic Child" rap.
As first thing, I'd like you all to listen to [the songs].
Ah~ I want to do a live.
Songs have accumulated, so I want to do a live. What should I do.
Then, see you.

Source: J-One Records
Translated by: iside89
Shared by: Xie_aRf

I'm the admin^^ Nice to meet you! Have fun in here~
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Chong Buadou
Fanfiction Master
Fanfiction Master

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[ME] 9 August '11 {EN} Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ME] 9 August '11 {EN}   [ME] 9 August '11 {EN} EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 8:50 am

Oh yes Maru, we listened to it well!!!
I love the songs as well, esp your voice! XD
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[ME] 9 August '11 {EN}
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